We believe that education works best when valid research findings from the fields of education and psychology are constantly applied in the classroom and while exploring.

Teaching practices at the school are derived primarily from applied behavior analysis (ABA) and include positive reinforcement, direct instruction, continuous measurement of learning, and strategic data analysis based on graphic displays. We offer a wide range of enriching activities to meet the individual needs of each child, focusing on building each child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical skills. Our various teaching methods include hands-on natural environment teaching, traditional classroom instruction, and individualized instruction.

At Open Door Learning Center, we understand that exceptional teachers and instruction is the key to your child’s success. We carefully select and train the most qualified teachers to care for and teach your child. For our teachers, your child’s education is their passion. Their dedication to early childhood education and to your child differentiates the Open Door Learning Center experience from that of any other program.

At Open Door Learning Center, a ‘good day’ for our teachers include seeing a child try an activity for the first time, hearing a toddler’s first two-word question, witnessing a shy preschooler reach out to a friend, digging with all of our students in the community garden as we talk about where our food comes from, and having some of our students read to us while others dress up and act out the story. Our teachers expect children to learn, play, reach, create, and grow with us!



At the Arc of Loudoun, our mission is to support families and maximize the potential of children of ALL abilities so that they may THRIVE in the community. As a program of the Arc of Loudoun, Open Door Learning Center is focused on improving preschool and kindergarten services throughout Loudoun County. Its founders aimed to provide an affordable preschool in an inclusive setting, providing best practice for typically developing children as well as those with autism and related disabilities. Each student receives a screening prior to enrollment, with updated quarterly assessments and Evidence Portfolios.

Our goal is for each student to master all developmental milestones and/or mastery of our Starfall Standards prior to preschool graduation and entering Kindergarten. Mastering the learning blocks skills, will ensure that our students have what’s necessary to thrive in a mainstream Kindergarten environment. Our program offers students the unique opportunity to learn behavioral, social and pre-academic skills in a natural environment (play-based) setting through the use of Applied Behavior Analysis techniques. At Open Door Learning Center, we individualize each child’s educational experience so that EVERY child can succeed!


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