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Open Letter

Ensuring Our Commitment to Our Mission: An Update on The Arc of Loudoun’s Ongoing Lease Negotiations

I hope this message finds you well. At The Arc of Loudoun, our mission to advocate for, educate, serve, and support individuals with disabilities and their families remains unwavering. We are extremely grateful for everyone who has supported and contributed to The Arc of Loudoun allowing us to provide, a lifetime of opportunities for people with disabilities.

I wanted to take a moment to share an important update regarding our ongoing lease negotiations. As a valued donor, friend, family, or client of The Arc of Loudoun, I believe transparency with you is key in maintaining our strong partnership. Currently, we are in negotiations with our landlords who, unfortunately, are insisting on terms that would negatively impact The Arc’s ability to continue meeting our mission.

In light of these negotiations, we recently issued an open letter to our landlords urging them to come back to the table to negotiate an agreement in good faith that restores our partnership’s success, achieves our mutual goals, and does no further harm to The Arc, our staff, or to the people with disabilities we serve. We are extremely grateful for everyone who has supported and contributed to The Arc of Loudoun’s work to bring about a just, equitable world for people with disabilities.

It is important to note that all of our programs are open and fully operational and we continue to serve people with disabilities just as we did before, just as we have since 1967, and just as we will do for decades to come. Our students are in class and our clients are on campus as usual!

I want to emphasize the strength and resiliency of our organization—we have amazing, dedicated staff; a wonderful, supportive community; and our budget and programs are all growing. The Arc of Loudoun’s day-to-day work and commitment to excellence in serving our students, clients, and families remains unchanged, and I have complete faith we will successfully navigate these challenges.

What You Can Do

Your support during this time is more crucial than ever. We ask you to write to the Trust that owns the property to express your support for The Arc of Loudoun at We also ask you to spread the word—write to your elected officials, tell our story on social media, or just tell your friends and neighbors. And, of course, donating always helps us to help those who need The Arc so much.

Whether you write a letter or make a donation, on behalf of our staff, students, clients, and families, thank you for the difference you’ll make.

With enormous gratitude,

Lisa Max

P.S. – Please reach out to us if you have questions: Lisa Max, CEO (; or Renss Greene, Director of Marketing and Communications (

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Read some of our supporters’ letters to the trustees.

“Through sheer determination and with the support of the Arc, Jorge has made incredible progress. Against all odds, he can walk again.”

~ Stephanie

“She was trapped for so long and the staff at ABC helped unlock communication for us and now Coco is thriving!”

~ Shelly

“The fate of The Arc of Loudoun, the thousands of people it serves, and all of its employees appear to be in the crosshairs…”

~ Jill

“It’s safe to say I bled for Aurora/The Arc, as I truly believe in their line of work and its significance to children and adults with disabilities.”

~ Haley

“For over 20 years, my family has greatly benefited from the Arc of Loudoun’s ALLY Advocacy Center.”

~ Lisa

“There was an environment in the facility that fostered mutual respect and encouragement among clients as they worked diligently…”

~ Jack

“I am confident there is a resolution available that gives The Arc of Loudoun stability,
room to grow, and control over its own future.”

~ Mayor of Leesburg Kelly Burk

“The long-term stability and growth of The Arc of Loudoun is vital for the Town of Leesburg, the 29th House District, and for people with disabilities across the region. Forcing The Arc to accept the Trustees’ proposal would be devastating for our neighbors who most need our support.”

~ Delegate Fernando ‘Marty’ Martinez
Virginia House of Delegates District 29

“I am writing to express concerns raised about the Trustees’ handling of lease negotiations with The Arc of Loudoun. The Arc of Loudoun’s services are vitally important to people across our region. It serves one of our most vulnerable populations: people with disabilities of all kinds. The Arc of Loudoun is an organization we can be proud to have in our community.”

~ Sen. Suhas Subramanyam, 29th District, Virginia Senate

“The Arc of Loudoun is a cornerstone of our community.”

~ Leesburg Town Council member Dr. Todd Cimino-Johnson

“We cannot let the families that rely on The Arc of Loudoun or the over 100 employees be forgotten.”

~ Leesburg Town Council member Zach Cummings