Our Team

Kendra McDonald, MA, BCBA 
Director of Clinical Services


As a mother of a son with autism, the confusing journey through the therapy and educational system is familiar to me. When my son Cannon was first diagnosed, I was overwhelmed, scared and lost. I had a lot of questions: How was I going to choose from the variety of therapeutic options? How would I know which therapy would work? Through a lot of research, and much trial and error, I discovered that ABA therapy (a way of using things that motivate your child to learn to communicate, behave, and learn) made a remarkable difference in Cannon’s life. He finally started to communicate with purpose, and his challenging behaviors began to diminish. I saw how he could meet goals and become independent. ABA gave my family and I hope!

After spending several years providing in-home therapy for Cannon, I knew I wanted to become a therapist and help children with the same needs. I started working for The Arc of Loudoun as an ABA Therapist for The Aurora School (a private day school for students with disabilities) and Open Door Learning Center (a preschool for students with and without disabilities). I later became Director of Clinical Services for the entire Arc campus. Throughout my twelve years of working as a therapist, I’ve seen astronomical success in students who went from not communicating at all– to being able to read text, sign words, and talk vocally. These students’ lives were changing– all from ABA therapy!

Although both Aurora and ODLC provide exceptional services for children with disabilities, I couldn’t help but think about all the children with special needs who may need intensive therapy, but didn’t have the opportunity to attend these schools. I know as a parent, I would’ve loved for something like Aurora Behavior Clinic to exist when Cannon was growing up. At Aurora Behavior Clinic our goal is to help your child improve their communication, behavior, social, and academic skills through intensive ABA therapy. We also want to help you, as a parent, by offering support, guidance, and access to professional trainings.  After seeing the incredible results from our clinic, you will have the same hope I did! 


Tammy GTammy Goddard, Administrative Program Manager


Tammy received her undergraduate degree from George Mason University in Psychology and has taken several post graduate classes for School Counseling. She was a peer counselor at GMU, and active in the Big Brother, Big Sister program for seven years through the Fairfax DFS, and still loves working with the community, especially in the areas of giving back. Tammy started working at The Arc of Loudoun in 2011. She started in The Aurora School and then transitioned to ALLY.  At ALLY she worked with our self-advocates, and provided support to various programs. Tammy transitioned to The Arc of Loudoun staff in early 2013, as the lead in volunteer coordination, event planning and overseeing the staff of self-advocates. She returned to ALLY as the Program Director in 2014, she still manages the volunteer program which now has several hundred volunteers from the community; she also plans and manages all of the events and programs! Tammy lives in Leesburg with her husband and two children.


Brittney Douress, ABA Instructor


Brittney Douress has a B.S. in Community Health with a minor in Psychology from George Mason University and will be graduating with her Master’s Degree in Education and Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University in May 2018.  Brittney has previously provided ABA services in-home, at The Aurora School, and now at Aurora Behavior Clinic (ABC). She loves utilizing ABA principles to help clients on the autism spectrum improve on their verbal behavior, social skills, and behavior challenges. She is eager to meet all of the ABC clients and can’t wait to begin implementing programs with them!


Hayley Lundblad
ABA Instructor


Hayley Lundblad has a B.S. in Psychology from Shenandoah University and received her master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Shenandoah University in December, 2017.  Hayley began her career with The Arc of Loudoun as an ABA Instructor for The Aurora School.  Most recently, she is also an ABA Instructor for Aurora Behavior Clinic (ABC), implementing and managing ABA programs for all ABC clients.  She specializes in teaching procedures, verbal behavior, social skills, and behavior management. She also manages and instructs on Cannon’s Connections, the social skills curriculum at The Arc of Loudoun, and is also trained on the Social Thinking Curriculum, also provided at The Arc of Loudoun.  Hayley and Kendra have worked closely together the past few years at The Aurora School and ABC, researching the latest trends in verbal behavior to best teach and support children on the autism spectrum.  Hayley truly enjoys working with children of all ages, and her enthusiasm for her work is widely known on our campus!


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Tammy Goddard
Administrative Program Manager for the Aurora Behavior Clinic