Programs for Adults

All programs are offered to adults in the community.  Please contact Tammy Goddard, our Campus Support Coordinator, with any questions at: or 703.777.1939 ext 202.

1. Next Chapter Book Club

2. Social Skills Group for Teens/Young Adults

3. Speak UP! – CLICK HERE for the next meeting!

4. Recreation Activities – DANCES, BINGO, KARAOKE and MORE

5. Expression Through Art: Adaptive Art for Adults 18+

6. Sensory Sensitive Movies with Cobb Theatres!

7. Transition Series – CLICK HERE for the next series!

8. Music Therapy for Adults 



1. The Next Chapter Book Club – Check the next meeting date here!


Finding ways to learn and participate in the community can be challenging for adults with intellectual disabilities.  The Next Chapter Book Club offers a great opportunity to do both, and have fun.

NCBC Group ShotWhat is it?  The Next Chapter Book Club (NCBC) offers opportunities for people with cognitive or developmental disabilities to read and learn together, talk about books, and make friends in a relaxed, community setting.

Each group is comprised of between five and eight people. The small size ensures that each participant feels valued, and facilitates the development of strong friendships between members. Anyone may join the club, regardless of reading level and abilities.  EVEN IF YOU CAN NOT READ, you can join this group! Club members take on active roles: together they decide which books to read and how they would like to structure their get-togethers. All meetings are held in local settings, such as coffee shops and the library and will take place the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.

In partnership with the Loudoun County Public Library and generously funded by 100 Women Strong.

Interested in joining?  Please contact Tammy Goddard, Director of ALLY Advocacy Center, with any questions at: or 703.777.1939 ext 207.

2. Teen/Young Adult Social Group

Paxton Pals is a social group for adolescents and young adults ages 16-20. The focus of the group is to offer participants the opportunity to join a variety of different activities within the community and develop their social skills while forming friendships and having fun. Staff from The Aurora School at Paxton Campus supervise the monthly events. All the staff are trained in Applied Behavior Analysis and  have experience working with adolescents with Autism and  Asperger’s Syndrome.

WHO SHOULD JOIN US?  Young Adult (ages 16-20) who are interested in making friends!  We accept teens and young adults with and without disabilities who are looking to foster new friendships and interested in trying new activities!

What we do: Every other week we get together and have fun  doing various activities in the community.

Some of the planned events include:

  • Bowling
  • Eating out at restaurants
  • Cookouts
  • Miniature golf
  • Laser tag
  • Water parks
  • Video games at the library
  • Recreational games and sports
  • Shopping

For more information CLICK HERE

3.Speak UP! – CLICK HERE for the next meeting!

speak up! logo

Speak Up! is a public speaking and advocacy group focused on empowering adults with disabilities to speak for themselves.

Some of the goals for the group are:

  • Telling YOUR story: Connecting and Sharing About Self and Community
  • Social Opportunities: Increasing Social Opportunities and Outlets
  • Understanding Speech Components and Effective Communication Styles
  • Impacting YOUR World for Systems Change

Meetings will take place monthly, beginning on June 25th.

Please contact Tammy Goddard, Campus Support Coordinator at Paxton Campus for more information: or 703.777.1939, ext 202

Speak Up! is a joint collaboration between Paxton Campus and Loudoun Endependence (LEND).


4. Recreation Activities – DANCES, BINGO, KARAOKE and MORE

Jingle Jam Adult Dance and Social Opportunity

5. Expression Through Art: Adaptive Art for Adults 18+

Expressions through Art

WHAT:Expression Through Art: Adaptive Art Classes for ALL Abilities

WHO: Adults 18+ of ALL abilities

Taught by Darcy Swope and Trent Carbaugh, owners of and instructors at Birds of A Feather Art School

Adults 18+ of ALL abilities are invited to take part in this exciting instructional class that will allow you to discover your inner artistic voice. Darcy and Trent are skilled art instructors and therapists, with a great deal of experience working with people of all abilities. Each week will provide a new and exciting opportunity to try different mediums (or the same one each week if that is what you would like to do!).

Please contact Tammy Goddard, Director of ALLY Advocacy Center, with any questions at: or 703.777.1939 ext 207.

6. Sensory Sensitive Movies with Cobb Theatres!

CLICK HERE for the current movie!

We have partnered with Cobb Theatres to provide first run Sensory Sensitive movies for families and friends of Paxton Campus.  Some people ask, “What is a sensory sensitive movie?”  Families of children with autism are familiar with this term, but some people aren’t.  A sensory sensitive movie is one that has lowered volume and raised lights.  Both are at about 50% of a typical film. But, you don’t notice the difference at all, and it is a joyous experience for our families, as going to typical films with the advanced volume and dark lights can be difficult for children with sensory issues.  Cobb Theatres has become a great partner of Paxton, and we are thrilled we can offer these movies to our families! Please check the website and our facebook pages for the latest movies, and to RSVP for a free ticket to the next showing, email Tammy Goddard at

7. Transition Series – CLICK HERE for the next series!

For families with a child at the end of their academic career who have an IEP and disabilities that require planning.  Our transition series provides families with up-to-date, useful and valuable information on everything from housing and transportation options to Medicaid, Social Security, employment options and Mircro-boards, as well as Guardianships and special needs trusts.  We secure presenters with real, working knowledge and expertise on the topics and allow for questions and answers.  Families complete the multi-week program with a plan in place for life beyond school.

8. Music Therapy- Click Here for more information 
Paxton Campus and A Place to Be are Thrilled to Present Adult Music Therapy!
For adults ages 18 and up. Questions? Want to sign up?
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