Scholarship Application

Scholarship Guidelines

Read these Guidelines thoroughly BEFORE completing the application form.

General Information:

  • Purpose: To assist individuals with neurologic diagnoses by providing financial assistance for fitness services that may not otherwise be covered by insurance or other funding sources.
  • Types of Scholarships: Examples of services include, but are not limited to, fitness center membership, educational programs, transportation. Participants are expected to make some contribution to the cost of fitness center membership (minimum of $50 per month.)
  • Limitations: No scholarships are given for organizations/businesses, fundraising drives, debt reduction (expenses incurred prior to the scholarship award), or medication.
  • Geographic Focus: Awards are focused in Loudoun County and surrounding areas.
  • Scholarship Amounts and Payment: Scholarships will be awarded in various amounts as needed with special consideration given to those who have not previously received funds from Ability Fitness Center. Scholarship money will be paid directly to the approved vendor. Funds will not be distributed in cash and will not be given to the recipient.
  • Other: Applications will be accepted and considered without regard to sex, religion, ethnic background, race or national origin. However, the recipient must meet criteria for the fitness center in order to receive the scholarship.
  • Release: Upon receiving an Ability Fitness Center scholarship the applicant will be asked to sign a release that gives us permission to share the applicant’s name, age, disability, story and therapy needs for public relations and fundraising purposes. No personal contact information will be disclosed.

Contact Information: If you have questions regarding the application process or scholarship program, contact Ability Fitness Center at: 

Application Process Information:

  • Application Due Dates: Applications will be accepted and funds distributed quarterly. The deadline is the 10th day of the last month of each calendar-year quarter (March 10th, June 10th, September 10th, December 10th. If the deadline is on a weekend or holiday, applications will be due the following business day.)
  • Application Submission:
    • Applications must be completed on our form and received by 11:59 p.m. on the due date.
    • Applications do not roll-over to the next scholarship cycle and must be resubmitted each time a scholarship is desired.

After Applying: If there are funds available for scholarships in the quarter, applicants will be notified within a week of the deadline to submit their financial documentation. The documentation includes a completed financial worksheet, proof of income, bank statements, and tax return.

Completing the Application Form:

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Access the application scholarship form: HERE.  

Contact us: