What is the Ability Fitness Center program?  Ability Fitness Center is a unique gym allowing individuals with disabilities to continue ongoing exercise and conditioning to maintain and improve functional movement and abilities

How is your program different from physical therapy (PT)?  Unfortunately most physical therapy is short term based rehabilitation due to insurance limitations.  Ability Fitness Center focuses on lifelong progress.  We want to help you stay healthy and continuously work to improve your abilities and quality of life.  People with neurologic and developmental conditions often require extra time for progress, specialized equipment, hands-on assistance, and/or expertise to successfully continue their progress and build on what they learned in physical therapy.

Is your program covered by insurance?  Private insurance does not cover the cost of the Ability Fitness Center program. Our goal is to bridge the gap between your insurance coverage and your actual potential.  Ability Fitness Center is here as a supplement to your current physical therapy and as a place for continued progress once you are discharged from formal therapy. 

How much does the program cost?  Our program is $500.00 a month.  This price includes 5 one-on-one sessions along with open gym time/equipment usage. 

What if I can’t afford it?  We have scholarship opportunities to assist those who are unable to afford the cost.  Unfortunately need far outweighs the available funds and we cannot grant scholarships to everyone.

Contact us:

Email: hparker@thearcofloudoun.org

Phone: 571.439.1520

Fax: 703.777.1935