50 Faces of The Arc- Winfield

Winfield is a shy, but kind, student at The Aurora School, a year-round school for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities . His ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Instructor, Tara, says she’s seen dramatic progress with Winfield’s communication since attending the school,

“We got him an iPad to communicate and he picked up on it really quickly!”

she exclaimed. Before, Winfield would grab Tara’s arm to express his wants, expecting her to understand what he needed. But now he’s using the iPad to ask for specific things, whether it’s water or a toy.

His ABA Instructors like working with Winfield because he’s a very laid back kid, who “seems genuinely happy to be at school.” They also say he’s a very sweet student,

“He’ll express his emotions by grabbing your hand or hugging you.”

Tara explains that the teaching style at Aurora is such a huge factor in Winfield’s success because the instructors are able to provide so much support for him,

“Individual attention is unheard of at typical schools, but it’s something he completely needs. Here, he’s able to get consistent therapy, whether it’s occupational therapy or music therapy.”

Tara goes on to say that The Arc provides a lot of support for the community in general,

“We’re such a big platform for others. We’ll help parents with their kids through advocacy, and we give so many options for them that other places don’t. Anybody here will jump right in to help you if you need it!”

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