50 Faces of The Arc- Immanuel & Elliot

Immanuel and Elliot are adorable, loving brothers who attend Open Door Learning Center, an intentionally-inclusive preschool at The Arc of Loudoun. Since attending ODLC for the past year and a half, parents Debbie and David have seen a tremendous difference in both of their sons.

“When Immanuel first started at ODLC, he had trouble sitting at circle time, needed extensive help with transitions, and also had trouble playing with other children,” said Debbie. “Now he’s expanded his socialization and kindergarten readiness skills.”

Since being enrolled at ODLC, Elliot has also made progress in learning the basics of school schedules, behavior expectations, and was potty trained by the staff.

Furthermore, Debbie and David have also seen development in both of their children’s communication skills. Immanuel improved on expressing his feelings and desires. Before attending ODLC, the parents were also concerned about Elliot’s verbal development, he was only saying two to three word phrases. Since then they say,

“His vocabulary and enunciation have improved dramatically. Now he prattles on in full sentences.”

Both boys enjoy going to school every day because of the awesome staff. However, Elliot in particular absolutely adores the teachers and must hug each of them every day! Debbie and David love the staff too, exclaiming,

“They are all dedicated to our children’s optimal development. Each of them are incredibly supportive, caring, and are continually thinking of ways to make the program more effective for each child.”

Without ODLC, Debbie and David believe Immanuel would not be in nearly as healthy a place as he is now in terms of socialization and being comfortable and confident in a school setting. They say,

“ODLC creates a safe and supportive space for our children to grow and learn with their unique styles. The staff know how to work with our children’s specific needs, strengths, and challenges.”

They only wish more preschools would take advantage of ODLC’s expertise in non-typical issues such as behavior management, social challenges, and communication stating,

“These early and effective interventions are reducing and even eliminating the need for more serious interventions later on. The curriculum really works, and I could not be more appreciative of ODLC.” 


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