50 Faces of The Arc- Ariel

Ariel is a giddy and joyful six-year-old student at The Aurora School, a year-round school for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Whitney, Ariel’s ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Instructor describes Ariel as the sweetest kid in the world,

“Her personality is just phenomenal.”


For the past year that she’s attended the school, Ariel has been excelling at her various goals.

“Her communication has gotten a lot better. She has ways of letting you know what she wants and doesn’t want,”

says Whitney. Ariel is also able to name items correctly when her instructor asks her to. Whitney states,

“If I ask her to give me a fork, she’s able to find it and give it me, which she wasn’t able to do before.”

One of Ariel’s goals also includes matching items into the correct category, Whitney explains,  

“If I have a water bottle, a thermos, or just a cup she’s able to match and indicate that they’re all within the cup category.”

Currently, Ariel is working on brushing her own hair, and simple tasks like picking up her backpack and hanging it in the correct place when she’s asked.


Whitney says Aurora is able to give all kids an opportunity to be themselves since every lesson plan is made to cater the individual student’s needs. Whitney exclaims,

“Here [at The Arc], kids like Ariel are given the chance to be like any other person in the community.”

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